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Teach Me - Sampling

FAQs about sampling

Sampling standards

What international standards govern sampling system selection, design, installation and operation? more

Design issues

What are the most important steps to consider when designing or specifying a sampling system? more

Pipeline mixing (homogenisation)

Why do the standards demand that pipeline contents must be homogenous? more

Which mixer is best?

How can you decide which type of mixing system is best suited to your application? more

Sampling systems - the options

What is the accuracy of different sampling systems and which is best for your application? more

What is a representative sample?

How do you know if I have a representative sampler? more

Sample receivers

Which type of sample receivers should you use? more

Sampler control systems

What type of control system is recomended by the standards? more

Sampler performance factors

How can you guarantee that a sampling system performs as specified? more

Line-fill sampling

How can you sample the line-fill between the sampler and custody transfer point? more

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