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Sampling Systems



The CoJetix® system is the most accurate system for liquid hydrocarbon sampling for custody transfer or allocation measurement. It combines the benefits of the bypass loop with the mixing from the JetMix to provide a highly reliable and representative sample with extremely low more


Fast Loop

A high accuracy, simple to maintain, sampling system mounted in a pumped bypass/fast loop. A fast loop system is more accurate than a probe sampler system due to the larger inlet size. The system uses a pumped 1 inch or 2 inch bypass loop flowing in parallel with the main more


In-Line Sampling System

An In-line sampling system. A probe is inserted into the pipeline through a seal housing and valve, which allows removal under line conditions. Sample grabs are discharged into sample receivers ready for analysis. A safe or hazardous area sample controller controls the more



The JetMix® is a powered mixing system designed for crude oil and liquid hydrocarbon sampling. It creates pipeline mixing with a C1/C2 ratio of greater than 0.9 across a range of flow rates with no pressure drop. The JetMix is suitable for applications such as marine loading/ more


Sampling & Analysis

A CoJetix or bypass loop sampling system with on-line analysers such as water-in-oil monitors and densitometers integrated in the sampling loop. The representative sampling loop ensures highly accurate on-line measurements that can be fed to metering systems and process more


IsoFraction LNG

The IsoFraction LNG sampling system comprises a gas sampling system with an integrated vaporisation, stabilisation and control system to ensure control of the phase change of the LNG to gas with minimal more


Gas Sampling

An isokinetic gas sampling system mounted in a bypass loop designed to minimise liquid deposition and ensure sample representivity. The loop is extracted using a custom designed take-off probe and samples are stored in constant pressure sample receivers at line pressure for more