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Sampling Products


Liquid Probe Samplers

Probe samplers suitable for crude oil and liquid hydrocarbons. Probes all comply with ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 and are available for pipelines from 4" to 52" more


Liquid Cell Samplers

Cell samplers for crude oil, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. All cell samplers comply with ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 and are designed for installation in bypass, quality or analyzer loops more


Gas Samplers

An accurate and reliable means of extracting gas samples from either high or low pressure more


Pipeline Mixers

Low pressure-drop mixing solutions for non-homogeneous liquids to ensure representivity for sampling. Static and powered pipeline mixing solutions are available to suit the pressure drop and turndown requirements of all more


Flow Meters

Cost effective flowmeters suitable for providing a flow signal to flow-proportionally pace a sampling system as recommended by the standards. Meters are available for a range of applications including high turndown marine loading and unloading more


Loop Extractors

Fixed and withdrawable sample and analysis bypass loop extractors designed in accordance with the international sampling standards. Extractors feature a large bevelled swans-neck inlet and are suitable for 1" and 2" bypass more


Sample Receivers

A comprehensive range of portable sample receivers designed for storing extracted liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon samples for analysis. Receivers are available for high and low RVP more


Control Systems

Safe or hazardous area ISO, API and IP compliant sampler controllers that feature a simple and intuitive user interface and include all necessary functions to comply with the sampling more


Laboratory Equipment

Equipment designed to ensure the representivity of the sample is maintained from pipeline to laboratory. Products include receiver mixing and cleaning systems and data logging more


On-line Measurement Devices

On-line analysers to provide quality control and process upset alarms. Jiskoot has technical relationships with many major manufacturers and is able to select and offer the best analyser for each sampling more