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Protect Sample Integrity with Cameron’s JISKOOT SII Constant Pressure Cylinders

Apr 27, 2015

Cameron takes pride in being able to offer bespoke solutions for their customers. The breadth of expertise and its knowledge of the industry and truly global reach enable Cameron to identify and solve many problems their customers face within the petrochemical industry.

During 2014 Cameron designed and manufactured a JISKOOT Cojetix® Sampling System with the added specification of JISKOOT SII (Sample Integrity Intelligence) CPCs to help assure sample integrity during collection and storage of liquid condensate.

The installation of the JISKOOT Cojetix sampling system provides high accuracy sampling and trending analysis for the customer, and combines the JISKOOT fast loop and JetMix® system enabling optimum pipeline mixing without inducing pressure drop.

The additional specification requirement for specially treated JISKOOT CPCs was to combat the fact that crude oil and natural gas samples often contain trace amounts of naturally occurring sulfur-containing compounds which can cause corrosion.  This is a problem the customer in this instance had been encountering when using a previous suppliers CPCs.

Sulfur compounds are extremely reactive with stainless steel surfaces, and as a result samples collected in stainless steel cylinders may not maintain their integrity during the average storage period.

The use of the Sulfinert® passivation technique on the JISKOOT SII CPCs essentially bonds an inert silica layer into the surface of the stainless steel. This inert layer prevents reactions and absorption of the active compounds with the steel and thus does not alter the composition of the sample.

The successful deployment of the JISKOOT Cojetix sampling system with JISKOOT SII CPCs to a platform in the North Sea, UK, was a challenging new installation within a newly built module.

The JISKOOT Cojetix system in this case had to be split into two pieces and was installed on separate decks due to space constraints within the module. Installing the system in this fashion also solved manual handling issues associated with moving the 4 litre receivers down stairs to a lab for analysis.

As a result it was a unique and successful bespoke installation, with the customer ordering an additional 10 JISKOOT SII CPCs to ensure suitable rotation of the receivers to and from the lab.

If you have additional specification requirements, or a challenging installation environment for your sampling needs we can discuss a solution with you to ensure your needs are meet without compromising accuracy or quality.

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