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JISKOOT Supply six Sampling Systems critical to the measurement of feedstock quality

Oct 06, 2014

With development well under way at the new Wheatstone platform west-north-west of Perth, Australia, Cameron’s team was chosen to design, manufacture, and supply six JISKOOT™ sampling systems critical to the measurement of feedstock quality over an anticipated 30 year life cycle. Cameron’s JISKOOT team is providing the sampling systems for a module being built by Daewoo Shipping & Marine Engineering in Korea, which is due to head for the field at the end of the year.

Cameron’s JISKOOT team was selected because their sampling system designs have delivered proven performance and accuracy over many years in the field. Such sampler accuracy and reliability plays a key role in reducing costs, improving margins, and, critically, ensuring that custody transfer is accurately recorded and revenues correctly apportioned.
The complete solution consisted of six high-pressure (HP), high-temperature (HT), 25% duplex systems. Four were 1500lb and two 2500lb and each included Cameron’s new JISKOOT 210P HP HT 25% duplex cell sampler. With six lines entering/leaving the platform, this solution enabled a system to be available for each line and will provide the operators with 0.4 litres of sample per day. Due to the corrosive nature of the application fluid, all wetted parts, pre-charge, vent, drain, and air supply lines are required to be 6MO, Duplex, or Hastelloy.

Representative flow enters the sampling system bypass loop through a ByScoop extraction device installed in the main line. High accuracy, representative 1cc sampling grabs are then extracted from the flowing loop by the cell sampler and discharged into the active batch Constant Pressure Cylinder (CPC) sample receiver. Each receiver is pre-charged with inert gas (in this case nitrogen at 150BarG) to maintain the sample at process pressure conditions for analysis. Sample level in the CPC is monitored by a JISKOOT Volume Sensor and when the receiver is full, the sampler controller automatically switches to the second sample receiver. Once this is full, the process reverts to the first cylinder, if available, or stops sampling as a safety precaution. Once the batch sample receiver is full it is then removed for analysis onshore.
On the Wheatstone platform, where output is estimated annually at 25m tonnes of LNG, the JISKOOT system was designed so that it can be simply expanded over the anticipated 30- year life cycle to take account of new streams as they come online.

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