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New JISKOOT ultra high temperature hybrid cell sampler

Feb 12, 2013

Cameron’s launches its new JISKOOTTM Hybrid Cell Sampler (HCS) range designed for upstream and ultra high temperature sampling.
The ultra high temperature hybrid cell sampler has been developed for sampling bitumen oil, extracted from Canada’s oil sands using a process known as steam assisted gravity discharge (SAGD).
Over 95% of Canada’s reserves are known as oil sands made up of bitumen, sand, water and clay and in order to extract the oil, SAGD is being used.  SAGD is an in-situ thermal production process, using two closely spaced horizontal wells, one for steam injection and the other for production extraction of the bitumen/water emulsion. The process produces high-temperature bitumen at up to 482° F (250° C).
The ultra high temperature hybrid cell sampler (HCS) compliments the existing JISKOOT 210 sampler range by providing reliable sampling across a range of line sizes at temperatures of up to 482° F (250° C).  The HCS is a full-bore flow-through device designed to minimize pressure drop for sampling applications in 2” to 4” pipelines. It is designed for upstream crude oil sampling applications as well as SAGD and is available up to class 900-flanged pressure rating and with an optional incorporated static mixer, providing homogenization of the process fluids.
Did you know in 2008 Alberta, Canada had proven oil sands reserves of 173.2 billion barrels? This was enough to meet Canada’s energy needs for 500 years.
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