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New JISKOOT InSpec controller web interface

Feb 25, 2013

Cameron’s InSpec controller has always benefited from a user-friendly interface and this has now been improved by the addition of an intuitive web interface. This remote-access tool enables the monitoring, control and complete configuration of the instrument via an Internet web browser from anywhere in the world using a PC, laptop, tablet (Android or iPad) or smart phone.
The web interface allows the operation and configuration of both the sampling and blending versions of the InSpec controller.  The web interface page consists of a main display area with a left-hand menu pane for links and a right-hand pane for context sensitive help. Both panes can be toggled on and off to dynamically increase the size of the main display area when required.
The left menu contains links to pages for configuring the entire instrument, representing a large step forward in ease of use from the simple InSpec front panel LCD display.
The web interface provides multiple user security access with the level of access determining what configuration menus are available.  Users can configure the 24 data values shown on the home status page of the browser interface and all internal data points can be viewed and, if security allows, amended. An intelligent search facility is provided on multiple screens to enable the user to quickly find specific data points.
Customizable Graphical Display Feature
The status page can be toggled to a graphics page. This provides a simple schematic of the system, which will scale correctly without image loss to any sized display. The default schematic shows a simple P&ID for the sampling or blending system.
System components in the schematic can be made to change in response to system conditions, such as receiver change-over, the presence of flow etc.
Log Files and Graph Data
User configurable log files are maintained throughout each sampling or blending batch. The data from these logs can be selected from the controller’s SD memory card via the interface and displayed in graph format either during or after a batch.
Remote Upgrade and Maintenance
Software upgrades can be completed remotely in just a few simple clicks, thus potentially saving costly site visits for simple maintenance tasks. Any existing system can also be backed up remotely. This can be used for cloning a remote instrument and also provides the ability to backup, archive and, if necessary, restores existing systems in the event of future upgrades or warranty work.
Email Facility
Reports, logs and alarm notifications can be configured to automatically send an email to a specified destination when events (e.g., new alarm conditions, new batch reports etc.) trigger their creation.
For a more detailed look at Cameron’s new InSpec enhanced controller, please click here.
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