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Severe Duty Sampler and Probe Launched

Oct 09, 2012

Cameron is pleased to announce the launch of severe duty versions of the 210 cell and probe sampler. These additions to the JISKOOTTM portfolio are for sampling applications where the fluids or process conditions are arduous or where longer maintenance schedules are required.

The 210P-SD probe and cell sampler are fitted with a robust, wear-resistant ‘SD’ coating, providing extensive longevity compared to standard samplers.  The 210-SD probe is also fitted with an enhanced seal arrangement. This enhanced design has been shown to more than double extend the operational life of the samplers in arduous conditions by reducing maintenance intervals and therefore reducing product lifetime cost.  

The 210 range’s unique three-stage positive displacement action gives accurate sampling irrespective of variations in process pressure or fluid viscosity. Available in standard and hydraulic (210 EH) versions, the 210 sampler is the ideal solution for a wide range of liquid sampling applications from 4°  F to 392°  F (-20° C to 200° C) and from 150# to 1500#.

To download the 210 SD probe datasheet please click here.

To download the 210 SD Sampler datasheet please click here.


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