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Jiskoot sampling system is the right mix for Middle Eastern terminal

Feb 25, 2008

Three Jiskoot  CoJetix Sampling Systems are being installed in an oil terminal in the Middle East on 16in feed lines between the jetty off-loading metering station and the tank farm. The systems have been designed to meet the need for mixing at the point of sample extraction by use of the JetMix powered mixing system. The JetMix creates pipeline mixing with a C1/C2 ratio of greater than 0.9 across the whole section of the pipeline.  This ensures that the sample extracted is fully representative.

The systems extract a representative stream from the pipeline using withdrawable quills which is then pumped through a 1in loop from which the sample is taken. A 710EL-MC Cell Sampler is used to “grab” a fully representative sample. The sample grabs are then discharged into one of two PR-53 18 litre sample receivers, which have no voids or water traps and are portable to minimise the possibility of errors or contamination occurring in the field. 

The sample receivers are mounted on a Jiskoot CanWeigh system, which provides a signal to the control system indicating the weight of the receiver and the current collected sample.  This weight signal may be used to provide system performance details for the operator, in accordance with the ISO 3171 sampling standards.

Once in the laboratory receiver contents are mixed by the Jiskoot MS-53E Laboratory Mixer before a sub-sample is drawn for analysis to ensure that water has not settled during the sampling process.

To keep the systems compact and for ease of transportation, installation and operation, the systems were all mounted in a fully enclosed ISO container. The container was divided into 3 sections to separate the pumps and filters from the sampling equipment and instrumentation. The system was also supplied with a free-standing 19in control cabinet mounting the InSpec sampler controllers and a SCADA system to be installed in the customer’s control room.


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