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Major Japanese Refiner Selects Jiskoot

Sep 12, 2007

A major Japanese refiner has ordered 10 Jiskoot 210 In-line sample probe based systems for customer quality assurance monitoring of their high temperature fuel oil exports.  With delivery temperatures significantly exceeding 100 degrees C, finding a sample probe that can operate reliably, while still in full compliance to API 8.2 is beyond most sampling devices.  This is an off-the-shelf solution from the providers of solutions you can trust.  Unmatched in the industry for its rugged design, longevity and proven field performance, the Jiskoot 210 sample probe was selected together with our proven high temperature application option to safely withstand the difficult process conditions without compromising the samplers operation. 

The complete Jiskoot solution provides four seasons weather protection for the 210 sample probes, sample receivers in heated enclosure’s, Jiskoot CanWeigh systems providing dynamic receiver level feedback to dedicated Jiskoot Sample Controllers.  These are to be interface to the site DCS for overall sampler control, performance and monitoring purposes.

Jiskoot is represented in Japan by Moritani and Co ltd


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