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New sampler controller

May 16, 2007

The new Jiskoot InSpec Sampler Controller is an API/ISO/EI(IP) compliant device that can operate samplers either flow or time proportionally in single or repeated batch modes. It can be configured for single or dual receiver systems operating in single, duty/standby or continuous modes.

An easy-to-read scrolling display has dedicated multi-colour LEDs and user-configurable bar-graph indicators while the unit’s simple user-friendly interface has operator prompting and configurable 'hot-keys' to display key parameters or alarms.  The system is ideal for sampling crude oil, condensate, LNG and LPG, refined product, bunker fuel and gas as well as multiphase sampling.

Operators can be prompted for the batch information or this data can be downloaded from a supervisory system and control commands issued via a Modbus link. Standard configurations can be saved and loaded.

InSpec features include access security with password protection and visual announcement of alarms with a hardware output as well as a simple menu-driven wizard for ease of use and configuration.  It also has a PC-based configuration backup and restore facility.

The controller front panel can be remotely mounted up to 1km from the main instrument and additional remote displays can be connected to the serial ports.  It is compatible with Fast Loop, CoJetix, In-line and gas sampling systems and configurable for use with any vendor’s samplers or receivers.

An ISO/API/EI performance factor and CanWeigh option allows the use of a Jiskoot CanWeigh/Volume Sensor system with the controller to provide sampling system PF factors to validate the representivity of the sample in accordance with the sampling standards. The bar-graph shows the 'percentage full' for each sample receiver and dedicated indicators show which receivers are filling, available or unavailable.

Other options include line-fill sampling functions, sample grab sensing and alarms, report and data-log print facilities, auxiliary control providing automated control of a mixing or fast loop pump or auxiliary equipment actuated by flow or system status and Modbus networking.


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