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Dutch gas sampler was pre-designed in 3D to meet tough demands

Oct 26, 2007

Jiskoot has completed the manufacture of a fully automated 4-stream gas sampling system in The Netherlands. This system was pre-engineered using 3D techniques so that detailed designs were produced upfront to ensure optimum layout and ease of operation, with ‘right-first-time’ execution and on-time delivery despite extreme application constraints including limited space and restricted accessibility.

Employing the latest G6 gas sampling technology, Jiskoot’s design met the operator’s requirement for an ‘extremely high’ build-quality to ensure complete system integrity for its severe offshore duty.   The multi-stream system included a Human Machine Interface panel and a Profibus remote I/O module to minimise field cabling requirements. 

The system takes the gas supply to be sampled through a take-off probe into the sampling enclosure via a bulkhead connector.  The sample is routed to any of four G6 gas samplers fitted inside the cabinet, each one isolatable by shutoff and bypass valves and having its own dedicated 500cc constant pressure cylinder (CPC). 

A filling transducer on each CPC gives an on-line analogue signal of the movement of the piston, and thus the filling of the cylinder, and is connected to the remote I/O enclosure, which connects to the customer’s control system.

The sample return line will be pressure regulated to allow it to be returned to flare at 6 barg. The dual stage pressure regulator would be heated to prevent any freezing due to the drop in temperature as the gas vents.

The gas pipeline is 20in with a system flow rate range of 0 to 0.3m³n/h at 40°C and 27 to 120 barg pressure.  The system’s design pressure is 150 barg at 80°C


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