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Ratio Blending Calculator


This  on-line calculator, which is designed for blending two liquid hydrocarbons, will assist you to develop the optimal blend ratio and specification for your application. It will calculate the blend ratio (volume or mass) required to achieve target blend density, viscosity or sulphur parameters based on component specifications.   

Blend costs can also be calculated to help determine optimal component selection.  In addition the calculator can be used to determine the final blend specification achieved when using a defined blend ratio (mass or volume) based on input component specifications.   The calculator is designed specifically for fuel and heavy oil blending but may be suitable for other hydrocarbon blending.  A multi-stream version of the blend calculator is planned for the future. 

To use the blend calculator please click here

*Please note that the ratio calculator is an indicative tool using predictive models and assumptions. Outputs cannot be guaranteed and all recipes should be validated for your application prior to use.

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