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Multiphase Sampling

In-line sampling system with constant pressure sample receivers for low gas multiphase samplingSampling multiphase (oil, water and gas) flow for watercut measurement, analysis samples and instrument calibration data can be critical for successful reservoir management and Jiskoot has developed a number of systems for this application.
The first system is designed for sampling low gas volume fraction (GVF) applications where the gas content is below 15%, by volume, at process pressure and temperature. Samples of the fluids are extracted from the central third of a well-mixed pipeline using a pneumatically operated probe sampler. The extracted flow or time proportional sample can be used to provide a time-based average of water content to cross correlate the output from a multiphase flow meter. The hydrocarbon and liquid samples can also be analysed to provide the data necessary to calibrate some multiphase flow meters.

Constant pressure sample receiver

Each sample grab is discharged into a constant pressure sample receiver where the whole batch sample is stored at
 process pressure and an elevated temperature if required. Sample receivers can be taken to the laboratory for the sample to be analysed.



Jiskoot also manufactures and supply systems for sampling wet gas.  The sample can be used to correct the over-measurement caused by the presence of liquid in the gas using a number of equations. A liquid and gas sample can also be analysed for composition to determine the hydrocarbon/methanol/water ratio of the liquid and the energy value of the gas.

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