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System provides precise daily/weekly sampling

A Jiskoot Dual Fast Loop "daily" and "weekly" sampling system designed for ease of offshore installation is now in use to sample crude oil on the DNO operated Thistle Alpha platform. provides precise daily/weekly sampling/

High pressure LNG and Condensate sampling in Nigeria

Two liquid-gas Jiskoot sampling systems with constant pressure sample receivers have been supplied to ODS in Holland for the Nigerian Cawthorne Project to provide measurement of LPG and cond pressure LNG and Condensate sampling in Nigeria/

Shipboard custody transfer sampler

The Jiskoot Shipboard Sampling System collects flow proportional representative samples at the exact point of custody transfer for assessment of the water content of crude oil or refined pro custody transfer sampler/

Teesside sampler improves oil processing reliability

A Jiskoot oil sampling system has provided a reliable and compact replacement for an old autosampler, at aTeesside plant, which receives unstable crude oil from offshore platforms by pipeline and produces stabilised crude oil and natural gas liqu sampler improves oil processing reliability/

North Sea sampling system is one of a kind

A Jiskoot sampling system engineered for mounting in the liquid leg of a compact separation multiphase metering system on the Shell U.K. Exploration and Production Brent Charlie platform is the first system of its kind designed to extract represe Sea sampling system is one of a kind/

New wet gas sampling system

New wet gas sampling system saves North Sea operator moneyJiskoot has developed, in conjunction with AMEC, and supplied a unique system for wet gas sampling for the Juno project in the wet gas sampling system/

Singapore, triple-sampling fastloop system

A Jiskoot fastloop sampling system was chosen by a major contractor in Singapore for installation at a Shell offshore platform in Malaysia, due to its ability to meet the two requirements of having to be integrated into the metering package being, triple-sampling fastloop system/

Rotterdam oil terminal adds new Jiskoot sampling system

To achieve higher accuracy of sampling over a wide range of crude oils, Maatschap Europort Terminal has added a new Jiskoot Co-Jetix sampling system to the existing Jiskoot samplers fitted to other lines at the MET Rotterdam import/export termina oil terminal adds new Jiskoot sampling system/

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