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The Jiskoot blend calculator enables the calculation of the resultant blended product parameters by entering the feed stock parameters. The operator can also calculate the required feed stock blend percentages required to meet a product specification of either density, viscosity or sulphur.

There are 4 methods of entering/calculating stock percentages which can be selected from the dropdown list at the top of the page where:

•    “Use ratio, calculate all properties”, means the user must enter the desired feedstock blend percentages
•    “Calculate ratio for density, calculate all other properties”, means the user must enter the required blended product density in kg/m3.
•    “Calculate ratio for viscosity, calculate all other properties”, means the user must enter the required blended product viscosity in cSt.
•    “Calculate ratio for sulphur, calculate all other properties”, means the user must enter the required blended product sulphur mass percentage.

The calculator has two modes of operation, either the simple calculator or the full calculator. These modes can be toggled using the button at the bottom of the screen, labelled either “View Simple Calculator” or “View Full Calculator”.

The feedstock blend percentages can be entered/displayed as either “% mass”  or “% volume” depending on the user requirements, through selecting the associated item in the dropdown list.

The simple mode will calculate density, viscosity, sulphur and blend percentages, where the burgundy item is the source of all (other) feedstock blend percentages.  Blend percentages source items must be entered in full, for instance the feedstock densities and blended product density must be entered if the blend percentages are calculated from blended product density.

The feedstock densities should always be entered as this is used in  numerous calculations. Other parameters, in white, should be entered if it is desired that the blended product parameter is to be calculated.

The full blending mode is a superset of the simple mode and will also calculate, flash point, pour point,  cloud point, cetane index, cost and various other fractional components.

This ratio calculator is an indicative tool using predictive models and assumptions.
Outputs cannot be guaranteed and all recipes should be validated for your application prior to use.

Feed Stock 1
Feed Stock 2
Component Ref/Name
Density at 15°C
Viscosity at ref. Temp
Viscosity ref. Temp

Please use temperatures that are within 16c or a serious error may result

% mass





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