Fuel specifications

Fuel oil must comply with internationally accepted specifications defined by organisations such as ISO and ASTM. Fuel oil for marine use must also comply with the regional implementation of the MARPOL Annex VI regulations which stipulate the maximum permissible level of sulphur in residual fuels, particularly when used in Emission Control Areas.
The recent revision of ISO 8216:2010 and 8217:2010 have addressed issues of fuel oil quality such as Ignition Performance, Acid Content and Oxidation Stability. A thorough understanding of these standards is needed to ensure that any fuel that is blended complies with the regulations and thereby avoids costly litigation and possible fines for the supplier of the fuel as well as the vessel operator.
Please contact us for advice on ensuring compliance to the specifications.
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Distillate Fuel Specification
Residual Fuel Specification 


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