Fuel certification can be provided by the blender control system. Viscosity is the major parameter of interest for a Bunker Delivery Note (BDN) that cannot be accurately calculated (provided feedstock is compatible) based on the correctly temperature compensated ratio of the feedstock, and this is a key measurement and control parameter for an advanced control blender.
Each feedstock BDN/certificate is used in real-time by the blender to both calculate and/or limit key parameters, such as sulphur, to ensure the quality of the blended product. This data is used by the blender control system to produce a BDN for the batch once complete.
The batch quality is certified using a flow proportional representative sample. While a manual spot sample will provide verification of a point in the transfer, an automatic flow proportional sample is the best way to achieve a truly representative sample to validate the batch quality and blending process.
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