Bunker Fuel Oil Blending

Jiskoot bunker fuel oil blender

Today bunker terminals and tank-farms are implementing in-line blending as a key component of their operations. A modern, ratio control or quality trim in-line blending system can improve flexibility, reduce capital lock-up in blended product and reduce the time required to produce blends.
A correctly configured and installed in-line blender can be the heart of a profitable bunkering operation by enabling a wide range of products to be blended on-demand, either directly to barges, pipeline or into storage.   
Cameron, through its JISKOOT™ Quality Systems team, has 50 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of in-line blending systems for terminals and tank farms throughout the world.  The Company’s large installed base and expert engineering teams based in regional engineering technology centres provide operators with the confidence that a solution can be designed for every specific application.
JISKOOT™ blending systems are custom designed and blender components selected to meet the constraints of your operations, whether they are to design a completely new blender with maximum throughput and minimum pressure loss or to design and retro-fit a blender control system to your existing infrastructure. They are supplied as fully integrated systems and can be supplied as fixed skids for installation at the tank farm, jetty or pipeline location with full Oil Movement and Storage System (OMSS) or Distributed Control System (DCS) integration or as a stand-alone mobile blender for use at multiple loading jetties.
Many forward-thinking bunker suppliers have adopted new blending technologies to streamline their operations. As the market continues to be driven by increasing feedstock prices and higher specification it is these suppliers that will have the competitive advantage dominant in future bunkering markets.  


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